Enjoy the Beauty of Rinjani Trekking that is Safe, Comfortable, and Planned

rinjani trekking

As a person who likes to climb, he is not satisfied if he has never conquered Mount Rinjani.
The Rinjani trekking tour is the most coveted thing by every climber. Besides being the
second highest in Indonesia, this mountain also has a lot of beauty that is not exposed.
Therefore, the Rinjani hiking trail is seldom deserted. Well, for those of you who want more
information about climbing Mount Rinjani, this article is very appropriate for you to visit. Here
you will find a lot of information related to climbing Mount Rinjani. Check out the following
review carefully.

About Mount Rinjani
Mount Rinjani is a mountain located on the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. This
mountain is a volcano that has the second-highest position in Indonesia after Mount Kerinci.
The height of this mountain reaches 3726 meters above sea level.
The beautiful scenery of Lombok Island makes this mountain a favorite of climbers. Overall,
if calculated from the entrance of the Mount Rinjani National Park Area, the length of the
Rinjani climbing trip to the finish is approximately 32 km. That’s quite a long distance, isn’t it?
Therefore, a strong physique became the main capital to conquer Rinjani. Because the path
passed is quite challenging. If you go through the most popular route, namely Sembalun,
from the climbing gate to post 3 the track is relatively light. Because there are still many
areas with views in the form of vast savanna expanses.
Furthermore, from post 3 onwards to Palawangan, this is known as the hill of regret. That
said, the name is because many climbers give up due to the location of the uphill track. This
location is dominated by savannas and evergreen forests that are cool to the eye.

Rinjani Climbing Budget
In the regulations, every time you do Rinjani trekking, prospective climbers are required to
download the e-Rinjani application through the PlayStore. There is a lot of information about
climbing Rinjani in the application. In addition, there are two registration quotas for climbing
Rinjani with the following details:

1. General Quota
For the general quota, you should register well in advance of the planned climb. Because the
manager limits only 60 people per day. Therefore, many often run out of quota. The general
quota is usually booked by backpacker climbers, young people to the community of nature

You can register for the general quota online through the e – Rinjani application. On climbing
through the available quota, you need to prepare all the needs independently. Such as hiring
the services of a porter to bring goods and a guide as a guide.

Porter services are usually provided by residents around the Rinjani area. The rate starts
from Rp. 200,000 per day with a load of up to 40 kg. So the budget for climbing with a
general quota will usually be more efficient, it all depends on the needs of each climber.

2. Trekking Organizer Quota
What is the Rinjani trekking Organizer? Rinjani trekking organizer is a company engaged in
services or services related to climbing Mount Rinjani. The company usually offers
everything needed for the climbing process.

In each tour package offered the full price range for one person starts from Rp. 3.750.000,00
for 3 days and 2 nights and starts Rp. 4.250.000,00 for 4 days and 3 nights. With this
nominal, you only need to bring personal equipment as needed.

But for those who want to save budget, of course, there is an option to take a full package or
package as needed. As for some of the facilities that will be obtained by buying a full Rinjani
trekking package, among others:
● Get a climbing permit
● Get bedding in the form of tents, mattresses, and sleeping bags
● Transportation costs
● Eat, drink, and snack
● Reliable porter services come from locals who can help carry luggage
● Guide or guide
● Cover other accommodation costs.

Tips for Safe and Comfortable Climbing Mount Rinjani
Climbing Mount Rinjani is not a short trip. It took days to get to the top. Moreover, the terrain
traversed is quite challenging, of course, special preparation is needed to support the trip to
be safe and comfortable. Here are tips to make climbing feel light, safe, and comfortable.

1. Choose the Right Hiking Time
The first tips for Rinjani trekking that must be considered are in determining the time of
climbing. Usually, Mount Rinjani will close the hiking trail in early January and will reopen in
early April every year.

The lane closure was carried out based on unfriendly weather conditions. Where at the
beginning of January to the end of March usually the intensity of rainfall is relatively high. In
addition, another reason is the conservation interest of the Rinjani trekking area.
The most ideal time to climb Rinjani is mid-year or from April to July. While the highest peak
of many climbers to Rinjani is from July to October. At these times wind conditions tend to be
calm and rainfall is low enough so that climbers can maximally pass through each terrain.

2. Bring Items as Needed
Furthermore, Rinjani trekking tips that will facilitate climbing are to bring only the necessary
items. The steep terrain will dominate every trip to the top. Hence the importance of
considering luggage.
For those of you who have purchased the full Rinjani tour package, you only need to prepare
some personal items such as head flashlights, safety kits, P3K for special diseases or
allergies, shoes, trousers, and jackets. Don’t forget to bring a camera to document every
beauty of Rinjani trekking.
Well, for those who don’t buy the full Rinjani tour package or use the general registration
quota, you only need to adjust the needs you will bring with the package options you buy.

3. Prepare Mentally and Physically Strong
To succeed in Rinjani trekking, of course, you need to have a healthy body and soul. That’s
because the hiking trail is not easy to pass. Therefore, prospective climbers are encouraged
to do regular exercise at least one week before climbing.
Following the applicable SOP, prospective Rinjani climbers must not have a history of
diseases such as heart disease, impaired kidney function, epilepsy, gout, hypertension,
asthma, and pen implantation in the body due to fractures within two years.

4. Get to Know the Climbing Terrain
The last tip to make Rinjani trekking easier is to find out the terrain or hiking path you want to
pass. You can search for information through the internet in the form of pictures or videos of
climbing terrain.

You can also ask directly people who have done climbing before. By understanding the terrain to be traversed, the preparation for the trip will be more optimal.

Thus complete information about Rinjani trekking to be safe and comfortable. The
information above can be a reference for those of you who want to climb to be more planned
so that the trip becomes more memorable