Want to Holiday to Mount Rinjani? Come on, see the advantages here!


Indonesia has extraordinary natural beauty, one of which is mountain tourism. One of the
best mountains in Indonesia is Mount Rinjani, where this mountain is crowded as a climbing
destination. Mount Rinjani is also famous abroad, for both its natural beauty to climbing
The complete mountain climbing path makes Rinjani look special. Starting from savanna,
forests to volcanic paths are available. Fatigue when climbing Rinjani will pay off when
climbers see its natural beauty.

7+ Advantages of Mount Rinjani as a Tourist Attraction
Not only local climbers are interested in coming to Rinjani but also foreign tourists. Mount
Rinjani is located in the Lombok area, NTB where the area has many other attractions that
can be visited. For those who want to know what are the advantages of Rinjani, the
explanation is below:

1. Segara Anak
Just like Mount Semeru which has Ranu Kumbolo, Mount Rinjani has Segara Anak. The
natural beauty of shady trees combined with sunlight makes the beautiful atmosphere so
pronounced. Segara Anak is in the form of a lake that looks bluish like the sea.
Not all lakes have water named so, many lake waters are blue. The meaning of Segara
Anak itself is a sea child who describes the condition of the water as similar to the sea.
Rinjani climbers can enjoy the freshness of the water there.

2. Sensation in the Clouds
The climbers who managed to reach the top of Rinjani in total could conquer an altitude of
3,726 meters above sea level. When above the beginning, climbers can feel directly the
sensation of being above the amazing clouds. Mountain ranges will also be seen from here.
Mount Rinjani is included in the ranks of Indonesia’s seven summits which are in third place
after Jaya Wijaya and Kerinci. The seven highest mountains in the category in Indonesia are
taken from various islands. Climbers will certainly feel proud if they ever set foot on 7
mountains that enter the seven summits.

3. Hot Springs
After passing through a tiring climb, the most fitting activity is a warm bath. Mount Rinjani
provides natural hot springs located adjacent to Segara Anak. When unwinding, climbers
can soak themselves in the hot water while enjoying the beauty.
Pampering yourself in nature is the most exciting experience. Moreover, climbing the
mountain drains a lot of energy, including also taking a lot of time. The view of Mount Rinjani
promises beauty that can be an outlet for fatigue.

4. Rinjani Successfully Won Many Awards
A series of awards obtained by Mount Rinjani is the fact that Rinjani is the best mountain in
Indonesia. One example of the award Rinjani received was in 2007 as a finalist in the
Tourism for Tomorrow Award.
Rinjani is also categorized as the mountain with the best layout in Southeast Asia. Rinjani’s
achievement made Indonesia more famous as a country with the best natural scenery in the
form of mountains in it. Naturally, many tourists from abroad choose to climb Rinjani.
The government is trying to keep Rinjani winning. One of them is by taking care of the
mountain area and guarding the security post strictly. Entered as an active volcano, Mount
Rinjani is monitored at all times.

5. The Most Romantic Sunset View
Mount Rinjani has the most romantic sunset view until it was once a movie shooting
location. Many climbers bring their partners along to enjoy the beauty of the mountain.
However, climbers who bring unauthorized spouses are prohibited from committing
despicable acts.
For artists, getting inspired usually requires this kind of natural scenery. The romantic
atmosphere with sunset views can be a source of inspiration to emerge.
The location to see the sunset is in Plawangan Sembalun which is the last basecamp before
the climbers. It’s just that the challenge of going to Sembalun has the edge of the island and
the Lombok Sea to Mount Agung, Bali as a view.

6. Goa Susu and Goa Payung Mas
In addition to the lake, Goa Susu and Goa Payung Mas are two locations that complement
the beauty of Mount Rinjani. For climbers who use a guide and choose a 4-day 3 nights
package, the time to explore the cave is available. But for climbing 2 days 1 night the time is
quite tight.
The presence of tourist attractions in the form of these two caves makes Mount Rinjani
natural if it is famous as a complete mountain. Starting from waterfalls to caves are available
there. Likewise, the blue water lake mentioned earlier is the location of choice for climbers.

7. So the Symbol of Religious People’s Haromonisan
Especially for Lombok Hindus and Muslims in Bali, and Watu Telu they sacred to the lake
Segara Anak. There is a ceremony every year they alternately hold rituals and pray at
Segara Anak. The purpose of the ceremony is to maintain the harmony of the universe.
This ceremony also strengthens inter-religious relations around Mount Rinjani. People other
than Hindus around Mount Rinjani are quite numerous, including Islam. Given the diverse
interfaith communities around the mountain, unity needs to be needed.

8. Many waterfalls
Still not interested in Rinjani? In addition to the natural beauty that has been described in the
point above, Rinjani has the beauty of more than one waterfall. 20 waterfalls around Rinjani
add to the privilege of Mount Rinjani.

9. Special Hiking Trekking
Trekking climbing owned by Rinjani is quite special. The climb that is run is quite tiring and is
indeed recognized by tourists from other countries to be a difficult climb. But with the natural
beauty above, the fatigue will pay off.
The picture of trekking begins with along the way climbing there are beautiful trees. Typical
low mountain forests, the beauty of edelweiss flowers, and vast savannah complement the
beauty. The atmosphere of sunrise and sunset is very interesting to look at.

10. Entered as a National Tourism Park Area
Mount Rinjani National Tourism Park is included in the category of tourism that has been
recognized by UNESCO. The natural beauty and the challenges climbers feel promise an
unforgettable experience. As a tourist area, many activities can be done by visitors.
Do not have to climb because visitors can enjoy the beauty of the tourist site only. There are
some times when this tourist location is closed for safety reasons. The period climbers are
not allowed to come is usually from January to March.
Tours that can be enjoyed are tours to see the zoo both flora and fauna there. Children can
travel while studying or can also while camping in the Rinjani area. Enjoying a family holiday
here is highly recommended.

Mount Rinjani as one of the best climbing destinations makes climbers proud if they can
conquer the mountain. In addition to climbing, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the
surrounding mountain area. Try to choose the middle to end of the year to visit Rinjani as the
best time.