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Climbers are always looking for the best and most challenging climbing spots to get new
experiences. Mount Rinjani is one of the recommended climbing locations. Trekking Rinjani
is often chosen by experienced climbers or beginners because it has stunning natural
The location of Mount Rinjani is in the Lombok area, Indonesia. The moment most targeted
by climbers is to see the amazing sunrise. Curious about the facts and natural beauty of
Mount Rinjani as a trekking location? Here’s the leak.
5 Trekking Rinjani Facts
Not only has an amazing natural panorama but Rinjani has several interesting facts. Each
mountain does have its facts. To climb more comfortably later, here are interesting facts from
Mount Rinjani:

1. Active Volcano Status – Trekking Rinjani
Mount Rinjani is categorized as an active volcano and even the most active category in the
world. Not only that, Mount Rinjani is also the second-highest volcano in Indonesia. Besides
being famous by the name of Rinjani, this mountain is also famous for its stratovolcano
formed from layers of lava.
The first time Mount Rinjani erupted was in 1847; previously, information about Rinjani had
not reached Western countries. After the first eruption occurred, Rinjani became active
several times including in May 2009. In that year Rinjani erupted and smoke as high as
8,000 meters.
In 2010 Rinjani erupted twice. In February 2010, the volcano erupted to emit a column of
smoke and then erupted again in May 2010. In the eruption of May 2010, the ash plume rose
to 5.5 km from the mountain.
The last eruption of Mount Rinjani was in 2018 when an earthquake hit Lombok. The
explosion at that time caused landslides in the northern area as well until the volcano was
partially calm until now.
Although it looks terrible, climbers do not need to worry. Because to climb Mount Rinjani
there are already security guidelines and mountain monitoring posts strictly. The location of
the observation post is in Lawang village, try to check the observation post before starting to

2. Has many waterfalls – Trekking Rinjani
The experience of climbing Mount Rinjani promises an exciting experience because climbers
can explore other scenery. The most visible view is the waterfall. The fatigue felt during the
climb will be worth the view enjoyed along the way.
In the rainy season, several tourist sites around Mount Rinjani have beautiful scenery. There
is Rinjani National Park which presents hot springs, Sembulan Crater, Senaru Crater, and
others. This location is the best choice if you can’t climb to the top of Rinjani.

3. Become an Official Geopark Area
The Indonesian government proposed Mount Rinjani as an official geopark in 2008.
UNESCO approved the application, and Gunung Rinjani National Park consists of 66,000
hectares of protected forest. Various flora and fauna exist in this tourist location.
Under government protection, all animals are guaranteed safe. If climbers come with family
including small children, this location can be an option for the best tourist attractions.
Likewise, if climbers come from outside the city, visiting the Mount Rinjani park area is highly

4. Avoid hiking in the rainy season
When you plan a climbing trip to Mount Rinjani, you should pay attention to the current
season. Avoid coming or even climbing during the rainy season because Indonesia
experiences two different monsoon seasons. To make the hiking experience more enjoyable,
avoid the rainy season.
The recommended month for climbing Rinjani is from May to November. Throughout the
month the mountain weather is dry but, throughout that time tourists throng the mountain.
Avoid trekking Rinjani from January to March.
During January-March Mount Rinjani National Park is often closed. This anticipates the
safety of visitors including Rinjani climbers. Not only a matter of slippery because it passes
through the path but some rocks and landslides often hit.

5. The Difficult Climbing Category
Beginners are advised to climb other mountains first before wanting to try Mount Rinjani.
Although it is still fairly easy for the mountaineering category in the world, Rinjani still has
difficulties. Along 8 km climbers must climb uphill as high as 1,500 m.
The most difficult and steep part of the climb is the last 4 km. The time spent on the hike is
about 4 hours. Why does it take so long to climb because there are unmanaged paths and
challenging climbs?

The terrain that must be taken is a path full of rocks and loose tang. The footrest must be
maintained properly so as not to slip and arrive at the top on time. Choose the right footwear
to avoid slipping when climbing.

Trekking Rinjani Starting Point and Hiking Package
Two points can be chosen to start the Rinjani track, namely from Sembalun or Senaru. For
those who are confused about where to start, it is recommended to start from Sembalun
because it has an easier mountainside. Whether using a guide or not, Sembalun is the best
starting point.

If you use the service and start from Senaru, in the morning the service will pick up. The
journey to Sembalun is approximately 1 hour, the climb begins on foot.
It’s different if you start from Sembalun because climbers will end the journey in Senaru. The
location is convenient and nice, climbers can pick up bags to go to their next destination. At
night, climbers can relax first in the village.

For those who use services, porter and guide fees will usually be charged. There are also
several hiking packages to choose from. Here are the types of climbing packages that
climbers can choose from:
● 2 Days 1 Night Package: This package leads the climbing pandas to the crater rim to
see the sunset. Waking up early and climbing to the top is a must-do if you want to
watch the sunrise. If you have reached the top, climbers will return to the entrance of
the transportation location.
● 3 Days 2 Nights Package: Hike to the crater rim to watch the matahair set then camp
on the crater rim for the night. Try to get up early to see the sunrise, then there is still
time to swim in the hot water. Finally, do another hike to the other side and then
camp, and then return the next morning. The 3 days 2 nights package is the
best-selling package for climbers.
● 4 Days 3 Nights Package: The last option has more free time to do activities but
climbers prefer the second package. Hikers can do various activities including seeing
caves around Rinjani. Hikers are advised to choose this package but the
disadvantage is the expensive package price.

Trekking Rinjani experience will be the best climbing experience. Climbers around the
world have even been eyeing to conquer the notoriously difficult peak of Rinjani. To climb,
there are two choices, namely using a guide or without a guide according to the cost you