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Want to Holiday to Mount Rinjani? Come on, see the advantages here!


Indonesia has extraordinary natural beauty, one of which is mountain tourism. One of the best mountains in Indonesia is Mount Rinjani, where this mountain is crowded as a climbing destination. Mount Rinjani is also famous abroad, for both its natural beauty to climbing tracks. The complete mountain climbing path makes Rinjani look special. Starting from […]

Want to Try Trekking Rinjani? Take a peek at the hiking guide here!


Climbers are always looking for the best and most challenging climbing spots to get new experiences. Mount Rinjani is one of the recommended climbing locations. Trekking Rinjani is often chosen by experienced climbers or beginners because it has stunning natural beauty. The location of Mount Rinjani is in the Lombok area, Indonesia. The moment most […]

Safe Tips for Lombok Tour to the Top of Mount Rinjani, Travelers Must Know!

Lombok Island in West Nusa Tenggara does store a million amazing natural beauties, one of which is Mount Rinjani. Having an altitude of 3,726 meters above sea level, this mountain is often the main destination for tourists when traveling Lombok Tour. For those who want to visit and climb Mount Rinjani on Lombok Island need […]

Important! Rinjani Summit 2023 Update for Climbers

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Mount Rinjani is one of the best mountains in Indonesia so many climbers are planning to conquer it. Rinjani Summit 2023 contains the latest important information that climbers should know. Changes in weather, seasons, and others require climbers to update information. Collect complete information before going to Mount Rinjani to maintain personal safety. Information that […]

Enjoy the Beauty of Rinjani Trekking that is Safe, Comfortable, and Planned

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As a person who likes to climb, he is not satisfied if he has never conquered Mount Rinjani. The Rinjani trekking tour is the most coveted thing by every climber. Besides being the second highest in Indonesia, this mountain also has a lot of beauty that is not exposed. Therefore, the Rinjani hiking trail is […]

2D/1N Hike Second Summit Rinjani


Hike Second Summit Rinjani to Crater rim Senaru and 2nd Summit 3.126 masl for 2 days 1 night package start from Senaru village to the crater rim, 2nd summit ( Mount Sangkareang ) and return to Senaru village at the next day. Arrival day : We will pick up you around Lombok island (Airport, Senggigi Beach, Kuta […]

Rinjani Trekking Guide and Porter


Your Rinjani trekking guide, and porter will take second place after your fitness level and mental determination, in terms of important factors contributing to your success on the trip, including your comfort and safety while climbing Rinjani Mountain’s summit. During your Rinjani trek adventure, your guide will be your advisor, he will take you to […]

Komodo Adventure Trip

LOMBOK TO KOMODO TOUR. *DEPARTURE EVERY SATURDAY & WEDNESDAY Day 1.  START MEETING POINT  TAMAN SARI RESTO & YUNAS CAFE – We gather between 8:30 – 10:30 at Taman Sari Resto (close to bangsal harbour, North Lombok) and Yunas Cafe ( Senggigi ) – We will wait until every guest has arrived and check in. We do registration for […]