Safe Tips for Lombok Tour to the Top of Mount Rinjani, Travelers Must Know!

Lombok Island in West Nusa Tenggara does store a million amazing natural beauties, one of which is Mount Rinjani. Having an altitude of 3,726 meters above sea level, this mountain is often the main destination for tourists when traveling Lombok Tour.

For those who want to visit and climb Mount Rinjani on Lombok Island need to pay attention to some tips so that the trip can take place more safely and smoothly. So what are these tips? To find out more complete information, see the following explanation.

1.  Avoid Touts

 Every tourist spot including Mount Rinjani must be identical to the existence of brokers. Keep in mind that most brokers will only bring losses to tourists so buy tickets or find lodging independently. If you don’t want to be complicated, look for a trusted service that provides vacation packages to Mount Rinjani.

By purchasing a trekking package to Mount Rinjani, all things needed from lodging to shuttle transportation will be available until the climb is complete. The price of trekking packages to Mount Rinjani itself varies greatly from 1.6 million rupiah to 3 million rupiah depending on the number of people who participate.

2.  Diligent in Sports

 To conquer Mount Rinjani takes at least 3 to 4 days. Therefore, before deciding to climb the mountain, tourists should prepare a strong physique and stamina by exercising regularly.

Do regular exercise at least 2 to 3 weeks before climbing Mount Rinjani so that the body stays fit and does not drop on the way to the top of the highest mountain in Lombok. In addition, also pay attention to the intake of nutrients that enter the body so that later it will be much fitter and ready to conquer the top of Mount Rinjani.

3.  Prepare the Necessary Equipment

 The next tip that must be done to travel safely during the Lombok Tour to Mount Rinjani is to prepare the equipment needed. Some of this equipment are thick jackets, socks, and socks, mountain shoes or sandals, change of clothes, flashlights or headlamps, sleeping bags, tents, headgear, daypacks, and gaiter.

In addition, don’t forget to prepare some personal equipment such as toiletries and tableware. If possible, also bring snacks such as bread, mineral water, oatmeal, vitamins, and essential medicines so that the trip to the top of Mount Rinjani feels much safer.

4.  Invite Experienced Friends

When you want to do a Lombok Tour tour to places that have never been visited such as Mount Rinjani, then it’s good to invite friends who are experienced. The experience referred to here is a friend who has visited or climbed Mount Rinjani on Lombok Island.

This is very important because later the experienced friend can provide the information needed. If you climb solo, then it will be precarious because there will be no one who will help if at any time something unwanted happens.

5.  Go to Lombok During Low Season

 Lombok Island can be visited at any time but it would be even better if tourists visit it during low season or not during long holidays. By doing this, tourists can avoid long lines and the atmosphere will be much calmer.

The most appropriate time to climb Mount Rinjani on Lombok Island is in the middle of the year between June to August. Not only calm, at that time tourists can also see the beautiful view of Mount Rinjani with much sunnier weather.

6.  Make Sure GPS is Always On

 The sophistication of technology is now able to make it easy for anyone to find a location to reach even remote places. Therefore, make sure the GPS on the smartphone must always in active condition when you want to travel Lombok Tour to Mount Rinjani.

In addition to ensuring GPS is active, tourists also need to bring a power bank so that the battery power on the mobile device is always safe. That way, various needs that use mobile devices such as cameras or payment instruments in several places can still run smoothly.

7.  Take advantage of the services of a porter or guide

 When doing a Lombok Tour to Mount Rinjani, tourists must know the track or path to be traversed. If you don’t know very well the way passed, then it will have a very bad impact on the course of climbing to the top of Mount Rinjani.

If you want to avoid these bad possibilities, you should take advantage of the available porter or guide services. Through these services, tourists will get guidance so that the path passed is much more directed and it is impossible to get lost. In addition, luggage can also be entrusted to the service if you want to do a summit attack.

8.  Adhere to Local Beliefs

 It is common information that every region in Indonesia must have its own local beliefs, as well as the local community around Rinjani. Before climbing further, be sure to adhere to existing beliefs and regulations such as what taboos are not allowed and what is pamali in the area.

Although trekking to the top of Mount Rinjani is dominated by lush forests and far from settlements, tourists must be polite. When climbing Mount Rinjani, obey existing rules such as keeping verbal so as not to speak dirty or not to commit dirty and indecent acts.

9.  Stop the hike if there is heavy fog

 You could say, the weather and seasons around the world including Indonesia are now no longer consistent so it is quite difficult to predict. Although Lombok Tour to Mount Rinjani is done when the weather is sunny, it may rain at any time or thick fog appears that interferes with visibility.

To avoid unwanted things, it is best to stop climbing in case of thick fog or storms. No need to rush and force yourself because it will endanger yourself and your teammates who participate in climbing Mount Rinjani.

10.  Set Up a Tent in the Right Area

 The higher the place, the lower the temperature so that the air will feel cooler, especially at night. Therefore, do not climb at night and take a short break by setting up a tent in the right area.

The most suitable area to set up a tent when climbing Mount Rinjani is in Plawangan Sembalun. In the area, tourists can rest for a while so that their body is not too tired and can restore stamina for climbing the next day.

Those are 10 safe tips when traveling Lombok Tour to Mount Rinjani. Make sure to do all the tips above so that the trip to the top of Mount Rinjani can take place smoothly and minimize unwanted things.