Important! Rinjani Summit 2023 Update for Climbers

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Mount Rinjani is one of the best mountains in Indonesia so many climbers are planning to conquer it. Rinjani Summit 2023 contains the latest important information that climbers should know. Changes in weather, seasons, and others require climbers to update information.

Collect complete information before going to Mount Rinjani to maintain personal safety. Information that must be obtained includes the best time to climb, equipment, costs, and others. Below will be explained all the latest information about climbing Rinjani 2023.

Latest Rinjani Summit 3D2N Info 2023

Information about Mount Rinjani is widely spread on the internet. Climbers must find valid sources so that the information obtained is not wrong. Take it easy because below will be given the latest valid information about climbing Rinjani, especially for 3 day 2 nights packages:

1.  Rinjani 3D2N Climbing Package Cost

 Over the years, the price to climb Mount Rinjani is increasing. This increase is very reasonable because seeing in the field basic needs and others also go up. However, the interest of Mount Rinjani climbers located in NTB has never subsided.

Many service packages serve Rinjani climbing ranging from 2D1N, 3D2N, and others. But to make it easier to calculate, let’s choose the 3D2N package for the cost of 2 climbers.

The first cost that must be calculated is transportation from Lombok Island to Sembalun, Tetebatu, or Senaru round trip. For climbers who come from the airport, the cost range spent is Rp1,300,000 to Senaru, Sembalun. Meanwhile, if you go to Tetebatu, the cost is IDR 900,000.

The cost details above are the same as the destination to Mataram Senggigi. Unlike if climbers come from Bangsal, the costs incurred are cheaper to go to Senaru Rp. 900,000, Sembalun Rp. 1,200,000 and Tetebatu Rp. 1,000,000. This transportation cost is with a charter system and is full AC.

Climbers must also prepare tools for climbing upon arrival at the location. For climbers who do not bring personal equipment, they must rent and prepare food and drinks. But if you already have your tools, you can get them directly without the need to rent them with the following details of needs:






Item Name






Rent sleeping bag


IDR 200,000




Food, beverages, and fruit including tent rental


IDR 800,000




Rent cookware


IDR 250,000




Mattress rental


IDR 75,000




Gas prices


IDR 125,000




Tarpaulin rental


IDR 100,000




Rent a dining lamp and flashlight


IDR 100,000




Cutlery rental


IDR 105,000




IDR 1,755,000


The cost of climbing the Rinjani summit above does not include the budget entrance fee for Rinjani un tourist destinations, which is Rp. 5,000 for each person. Additional costs that must be incurred are paying for the services of guides and porters which will be explained in the next point.

2.  Details of Preparation to Rinjani

 After preparing all the needs and costs above, climbers must also prepare for other needs. There is nothing wrong with finding out information directly to colleagues who have been to Mount Rinjani for an idea. Climbers can make preparations below:

  • Physical: Hiking is a fun but risky activity. Make sure before climbing you have enough rest and do light exercise as needed. Make sure when climbing the physique is stable so that it is not prone to
  • Consumption: This consumption is Hikers can buy from the location before climbing or can also bring from home. It is recommended to bring snacks only and include water in it.
  • Completeness of tools: Regarding climbing equipment has been discussed Climbers need to prepare emergency equipment such as candles, matches, knives, and flashlights. In addition to bringing their own, climbers can also rent these tools.
  • Prayer: Be sure to read a prayer before climbing and ask to be kept away from danger. Even for experienced climbers, there is still the possibility of injury or others.

3.  Calm Porter and Guide

 Climbers will be charged additional fees from the budget above if using the services of porters and guides. But this porter and guide will be very helpful throughout the climb on Mount Rinjani.

The daily porter fee costs IDR 200,000 – IDR 300,000. Just multiply it if the climber climbs for 3 days so it costs IDR 900,000. When you get to the top of Mount Rinjani, the porter will ask for an additional fee for cigarette money.

Porter has a difficult task, which is to carry climbers’ goods with a maximum weight of 25kg. Their duties are also pitching tents, finding water, and cooking. Of course, this service is beneficial for inexperienced climbers.

While the Mount Rinjani guide cost per day is Rp400,000 and multiplied by 3 if climbers choose the 3D2N climbing package. Similar to porters, the cost does not include cigarette money when arriving at the top. The task of this guide is to direct the route to translate if there are foreign tourists.

Actually, for an easier package, Rinjani summit climbers can choose climbing packages provided by trekking services. Climbers should ask in advance whether the costs incurred for the service include porter and guide fees. If not, it means climbers have to add more costs.

4.  Best Time to Go to the Top of Mount Rinjani

 In 2023, Mount Rinjani does not show dangerous activities, so climbing is safe. The best time to go to Mount Rinjani is the middle of the year. The best months are June, July, and August when the weather is nice and sunny.

The wind that blows in the middle of the year is weak enough that it is not dangerous. Climbers can enjoy the beauty of Mount Rinjani because it will not be covered by fog. So, climbers can enjoy the beauty of Mount Rinjani to the maximum without any high risk.

5.  Tips for Safely Climbing Mount Rinjani

 Mountain climbing will be safer if guided by an experienced partner. Although there is already a guide who will direct but trusting a stranger is still risky. Here is a glimpse of other important tips for climbing Mount Rinjani that climbers must know before leaving:

  • Hike with Because the information described above is specifically for 2 climbers, climbers do not need to be confused about recalculating. Hiking with friends of at least two people is better and safer than alone.
  • No history of heart disease. Physical activity climbing requires extra energy so people with heart disease are advised not to do it. If you want to see the beauty of Mount Rinjani, you can enjoy Mount Rinjani Tourism Park without having to go to the top.
  • Bring a full P3K just in case. Even though there is already a package from the rental equipment, you should also bring personal equipment to make it safer. Because the rented P3K equipment can be incomplete or less sterile to be used together on the mountain.

So that’s the important information from the Rinjani Summit 2023 for anyone who plans to go to Rinjani this year. Maximize physical to spiritual preparation to climb Mount Rinjani to be safe and enjoy climbing. Regarding the cost, all can be more efficient if you have your tools without having to rent.